Tuesday, September 05, 2006

hey there, coffee lovers

By Fred Wickham of
http://www.bullseyerooster.com/blog/ fame
31 August 2006
(I highly reccommend this blog)

Coffee’s my hobby. I just want to share a few rare taste treats with you. You may have heard about this first one –

Civet Coffee. The civet is a small asian weasel that eats coffee from the bush. After the beans have passed through the civet’s digestive system, beans are sorted from the scat and roasted. It has its adherents. A two ounce package sells for $43.60 — that’s $268.80 a pound.

The following blends are rarer still –

Sunset Plaza Grind.
Quality beans and proper roasting are hardly the point. Coffee beans are scattered on the sidewalk of Sunset Plaza between the Armani store and Le Dome restaurant. The likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Nicole Kidman, and Tom & Katie grind these beans underfoot. They are of course wearing Manolos, Loeffler Randal, Vivier, Beruti, and A. Testoni brand shoes. The grind is swept up with a titanium-handled broom made from the chest and back hair of Tom Selleck. The creators of SPG recommended brewing with a 23-karat Swiss Gold coffee filter. Price? If you have to ask…

Annapurna. At 26,538 feet, water boils at 125 degrees farenheit. The blend is actually mixed from the rather poor quality beans grown in the portable hothouses of Nepal’s many mountaineering base camps. It’s the low-heat brewing that gives Annapurna the signature underdone flavor its adherents rave about. Price? Whatever it costs to get your ass to the top of that mountain